How to Cook Golden Beets?

Roasted beets bring out their sweet flavor, which we love. Any type of beet will work perfectly with this recipe, however golden beets look especially beautiful when tossed with the fresh herbs and lemon seasonings. Adding some fresh lemon juice to roasted beets will make them more flavorful.

My vegetable garden contained beets for one year. It was my passion to grow these bright, beautiful, earthy vegetables and I was anxious to harvest fresh beets all summer long. Although the experience wasn’t a total disaster, it wasn’t quite what I expected either. My beets grow no larger than marbles, but I got a good supply of beet greens to toss into stir-fried sides, salads or dal.

I don’t grow beets anymore, but I buy them at markets or grocery stores every now and then, particularly when I can find fresh, organic beets and greens. I usually purchase them in the spring.

How to Cook Golden Beets

How to Cook Golden Beets

Here Are the Ingredients

  • Salt to taste, or 1 pinch sea salt
  • Peeled and cubed 4 beets 3/4-inch cubes
  • Olive oil, 2 tablespoons
  • (Optional) 1 teaspoon dried thyme leaves


Step 1

To bake at 425 degrees F (220 degrees C), heat the oven until it reaches that temperature. Put parchment paper on the baking sheet.

Step 2

When arranging the beets on a baking sheet, make sure they do not touch. In a large bowl, toss together the beets, olive oil, and thyme until well coated. Add the sea salt and toss until well combined.

Step 3

Ten to twenty minutes before the beets are ready to eat, they will become tender. Beet cubes should easily break apart when poked with a fork.


  • Beet greens in good condition can be sautéed!
  • Since they don’t stain, it has a more delicate taste, which is why I like yellow beets. Red beets, however, are more readily available, delicious, and very nutritious.
  • In the refrigerator, cooked beets can be stored for at least three to five days. Beets can be frozen for three months or more after they are cooked. In addition to smoothies, you can defrost the frozen pieces and thaw them in the freezer.

How to Store and Freeze Cooked Beets:

It is possible to keep cooked beets for at least 3 to 5 days in the refrigerator.

You can also freeze leftover cooked beets for longer storage. Set them apart so they do not touch each other after you cut the beets into wedges. Transfer the solidified products to a large Ziploc bag or freezer-safe container and freeze until solid.

Alternatively, you can defrost and thaw frozen beets in the refrigerator to use later; these add extra nutrients and fiber to smoothies.

The Reason We Love Roasted Golden Beets

  • It’s a great way to use seasonal produce
  • About five minutes are required to prepare a recipe.
  • Warm or cold, the roasted golden beets paired with a salad are delightful (especially when served with a grain salad).
  • If you want to feed more people, you can easily double the recipe.

Needs for Nutrition

126g Carbs | 4g Protein | 8g Fat | 1g Saturated fat | 838mg Potassium | 7g Fiber | 17g Sugar | 110IU Vitamin A | 14mg Vitamin C | 55mg Calcium | 2mg Iron

FAQs About How to Cook Golden Beets?

1. How should beets be cooked for optimal health?

Beets can be steam cooked to retain their nutrients, which means they don’t lose their nutrients. Beets also stay incredibly vibrant when steam cooked. It’s also fast and easy to steam a small beet or beet quarter during the week.

2. Should beets be soaked before cooking?

In order to make sure their flavors, colors, and juices do not escape into the water (also called bleeding), they should be boiled with skins on. Rather than boiling them, you could try soaking them in cold water overnight for tough, out-of-season beets. The next day, they’ll be easier to cook.

3. How do golden beets benefit the body?

In addition to calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, manganese, and fiber, they contain a wide range of vitamins. The pigment betalain, which gives beets their deep rich color, is the main health benefit they provide. Bets contain powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory betalains, which are unique to beets.

4. Golden beet leaves to be eaten?

Additionally, they are completely edible! Often, the magenta or golden yellow bulbs of this root are the most beautiful. Next time you take the leaves off the veggie, don’t throw them in the compost! Beet greens are not only healthy, they also taste great when properly cooked.

5. The golden beets I bought turned black. Why did this happen?

It is also common to find golden beets. Since they have a more subtle flavor, they won’t get everything dyed red. To prevent them from turning black, rub them with acidic water, or eat them immediately after slicing.

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