How to Cut Cheesecake?

Cheesecake is a must-have at any party. There are many different ways to make it. Especially if you are serving a lot of people, figuring out how to cut it can be problematic, especially if it is a small cake. You can use the method provided here to properly cut a cake so that it tastes as good as it looks.

Cheesecake slices can be butchered by knives, leaving an awful mess behind. I then discovered that dental floss is excellent for cutting soft cheese.

Dental floss can also be used to cut the cheesecake. Pull the floss through the cheesecake while holding it taut. Excellent! Your cheesecakes will look just as stunning on the plate as those in the finest restaurants with this simple technique.

How to Cut Cheesecake?

How to Cut Cheesecake

Guide to Getting Started

Step 1.

The cheesecake we used for the demonstration was plain. Use a hot knife for each slice of a cake if you want it to cut cleanly. Make sure the water in your tall container completely covers your knife’s blade–a pitcher or vase works well. Then, using a clean towel, wipe the knife dry after you dip it in the hot water.

As you dip and clean each slice, pieces of cake or frosting from the previous slice will not make contact with the new one. The cheese wire or dental floss are also effective tools for cutting cheesecakes.

Step 2.

Depending on the size of the cake, there are 12 to 16 slices. By cutting the cake into quarters, then cutting each quarter into thirds, use the numbers on a clock to divide the cake equally into 12 slices. Instead of lifting the knife through the top, pull it out from the side.

Step 3.

Slice each quarter of the cake in half, then cut each half of the cake in half again. When you cut the cake in 10 slices or in odd-numbered servings, lightly score the cake surface to gauge the size of the pieces. You can start from the centre of the cake and work outwards if your knife isn’t long enough to cut across it.

Step 4.

It is difficult to remove the first slice. Slice the cake vertically, outward, and onto a serving plate by running a knife or spatula between the crust and the pan.

Step 5.

Cheesecake slices may need to be adorned individually if you are serving a plain cheesecake. Berry purees or chocolate sauces are perennial favourites.

After I added a small amount of sour cream underneath, I ordered a dollop of good-quality strawberry preserves. In combination with the creamy cheesecake, sweet jam and sour cream make an amazing combination.

How to Cut Cheesecake with The Right Knife?

If you are making cheesecakes, it is recommended to use a thin, sharp knife or a hollow-edged one, which reduces drag (see picture third from top), and to be sure to wipe the blade between each cut with a damp cloth.

How do you cut a cold cheesecake?

For best results, hold the knife under hot water for a while before using it. The knife should be soaked in hot water before each cut and wiped clean with a clean towel afterwards. It may sound strange, but cheese wire or dental floss is the best way to cut cheesecakes.

A Few Tips

As a rule of thumb, if your knife is not long enough, you should either cut the cake in half or place the knife’s point at the centre of the cake when cutting the first slice.

FAQs About How to Cut Cheesecake

1. A cheesecake can be messy to cut, so how can you avoid it?

Cheesecake can be neatly cut with a knife (a very sharp knife) if you keep the blade clean and smooth. This can be accomplished by soaking the knife’s blade in a tall container filled with hot water. In the absence of a tall container, hold the knife under hot water from the tap.

2. Warm cheesecake be cut?

Dip an old knife in hot water before cutting any kind of cake—especially cheesecake. Let it dry before cutting. The warmth of the knife will allow for clean cuts.

3. Does a cookie cutter work for cutting cheesecake?

Also, shapes such as circles, diamonds, and hearts can be cut out of the cheesecake with cookie cutters. The cutters should be heated and dried before they are used. Mini cheesecake bites made with cookie cutters yield cheesecake scraps.

4. Can I cut cheesecake on parchment paper?

Using a parchment-wrapped knife, slice the cheesecake. Put the parchment paper or knife between the cheesecake slices and remove the knife. With a clean knife, each slice will be able to be decorated independently without being contaminated by those around it.

5. Do I need to refrigerate my cheesecake?

In order to prevent cheesecakes from absorbing air, they should be wrapped tightly. Cheesecakes that are wrapped properly in the refrigerator or freezer keep them fresh. This will also prevent outside odors from getting into the cheesecake, keeping its flavour intact.

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