How To Freeze Potatoes – Step by Step Easy Guide

How To Freeze Potatoes: The convenience of freezing potatoes makes life simple, and sometimes it even makes cooking them a lot better (e.g., roasting potatoes from frozen). Make sure you have an arsenal of different options on hand, ready to go and with no step-by-step prep.

It is best to cook or partially cook potatoes before freezing them because they do not freeze well when raw. Thankfully, there are numerous means to make and refrigerate potatoes. These methods can be used with any potato, including white, sweet, and purple. It is best to use fresh potatoes whenever possible. The use of frozen potatoes begins to deteriorate after 3 months.


How to Freeze Potatoes

When freezing potatoes or sweet potatoes-whether for fries, or hash browns -partial baking them beforehand is crucial. Since raw potatoes contain so much water, they do not freeze well and may become mushy, watery, or even grainy as they freeze.

If you cook before freezing, it will save you time as partially-cooked potatoes take less time to cook in the oven. This is especially useful during holidays or other special events when many dishes need heating up, and less oven space is available.

Although you don’t need to peel potatoes before freezing, there is one important point to keep in mind: only freeze potatoes that are still within their prime and not those that should be composted. You should freeze potatoes in airtight freezer bags so they can be frozen and defrosted more quickly. Label each bag with the date so that you can track what is in your freezer and make sure food doesn’t go to waste.

In many cases, you can use frozen potatoes straight from the freezer, however, if you wish to thaw them first, you should always do so in the refrigerator. When storing sweet potatoes, you can use the same methods as regular potatoes, however, some variations in timing may occur. You may find that the taste or texture is slightly different when storing sweet potatoes compared to fresh potatoes, so check them for doneness.

How to Freeze Roast Potatoes/Chips

The potatoes can be peeled (or not) and cut into what shape and size you like. When potatoes are almost cooked, tender but still firm, they should be parboiled for a few minutes or a few minutes longer, depending on the size of the potatoes (a couple of minutes for chips or up to five minutes for roast potatoes).

After your potatoes have finished cooking, plunge them into cold water, then strain them into a colander, then fluff the potatoes with your hands. Let the potato cool slightly, then toss it in some hot oil. Place the potatoes on a plate without touching each other. In the freezer, place a wide-mouthed, airtight bag, the tray, and when it has solidified (about 6 to 12 hours), remove any air. Label and pop it back into the freezer.

How to Freeze Mashed Potatoes

Rich ingredients in mashed potatoes, such as cream and sour cream, prevent the potatoes from becoming soggy as they thaw. You can also divide your mashed potatoes into individual portions before freezing, and the mash will keep for up to 6 months. To reheat frozen mashed potatoes, place them in the refrigerator and thaw for a few hours or overnight. Stir well before serving.

How to Freeze Boiled Potatoes

Depending on the size of the potatoes, you may have to peel (or don’t peel) them first. Heat the boiling water, add the potatoes, and boil until almost cooked but remain firm. After parboiling the potatoes (a few minutes for small diced potatoes, 10 minutes for larger ones), plunge them into ice water to stop the cooking and then drain thoroughly in a colander. After the potato has been frozen solid (about six to 12 hours), place it in a resealable airtight container and label it. Last but not least, place the container back into the freezer.

How to Freeze Hash Browns

In addition, the state of your potatoes must be considered for example, if they are cooked or uncooked? If uncooked, shred the potatoes with a cheese grater (this will speed up the boiling procedure).

The same method can be used to freeze hash browns and French fries.

Firstly, using a parchment-lined baking sheet, place the cooked (and cooled!) hash browns. You need to freeze your potatoes for at least three to four hours that way.

Then, You can transfer frozen hash browns to freezer-safe containers marked with a date once they’re frozen.

How Long Do Potatoes Last?

The length of time they last depend on how they are stored. Uncooked potatoes will normally keep for about two weeks at room temperature (don’t put the raw potato in the refrigerator or they will turn mushy) and cooked potatoes usually have an expiry date of four days. On the other hand, frozen potatoes can be used for a whole year.

Can You Freeze Potatoes?

The answer to your question is yes. You can easily and inexpensively freeze potatoes for later use. But just remember that, since raw potatoes contain a lot of water, you should just freeze cooked potatoes. During the freezing process, this water freezes and causes the potatoes to turn mushy.

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