How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener – 4 Easy Methods

How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener: Can opener missing in the kitchen; no Swiss Army knife brought by guests? Have you ever been at an Airbnb and started to open a can, only to find that you couldn’t open it – and there was no can opener?

You could just give up and stop thinking about it. But at the same time, you’re no quitter. If you cannot open the can at the store, what do you do

With some common household items, it’s relatively easy to open a can. The key to remember is that a can’s lid is a metal piece designed to open.

It only takes an object that is a little stronger to penetrate the surface since most utensils (knives, spoons, even forks) are thicker and stronger.

Our recommendation for the easiest (and safest) way to open a can is to wear down the flaps of the lid until they break. This can be done by rubbing a metal spoon against the flaps until they snap.

As a second option, the heel of a chef’s knife can be used to open a can if that doesn’t work or you would like to open a can quickly.

However, if you are cooking up some camping recipes and have forgotten all your cooking gear except some basic and flimsy tools, a rock can serve as a handy surface.

Read on for explanations of all four methods!

Warning: Wear safety gloves if possible, and be cautious of sharp edges on canned goods. Any can has sharp sides under the best of conditions. Remain cautious from metal splinters and cuts from the lid and the prying instruments.

How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener – 4 Easy Methods

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1. Using A Pocket Or Kitchen Knife

Step 1

Standing over the can, place it on a stable surface at hip height. You should be able to reach it easily.

Step 2

If you accidentally drop the knife, you should place the tip against the inner edge of the lid. Hold the knife vertically instead of angled. Make sure your fingers will not get in the way should the blade slip. Your back should be facing up.

By using this method you can accomplish what you were trying to accomplish without damaging your knife or leaving metal shavings in your food.

You can also use a heavy-duty chisel or another thin, sturdy object similar to a pocket knife if you don’t want to use a knife. Make sure the knife is fully extended and locked into place before moving it.

Step 3

If you lightly smack the back of your hand while holding the knife, the tip of the knife will puncture the can lid.

Make sure your hand is open, and you are touching the knife with the palm of your hand while you lightly smack the back of the hand that is holding the knife handle. Be sure not to lose control. Keep your hand open and your palm parallel to the blade.

This will help you keep your smack controlled.

Step 4

Make another hole with the knife by scrubbing over the metal. Position the knife tip a few centimeters away from the bottom and puncture the can again.

Step 5

By using the can opener to create punctures around the lid, you will now be able to loosen the lid. Continue working your way around the can until you have punctured it all.

Step 6

If necessary, use a small knife to saw through any remaining connections of the lid. Remove the lid from the can by gently prying it off with the knife’s tip.

Use your sleeve or a towel to prevent your hand from being scratched while prying off the lid.

2. Open A Can With A Metal Spoon

By using a spoon on the can rather than sharp objects, you can avoid damage to your fingers. Here’s how: Ensure the can is stable, while taking hold of the spoon with one hand.

Make sure that the interior of the spoon faces the opening of the can, with the tip of the spoon sitting against the inside edge of the lid (where a can opener would normally be placed).

Press the spoon hard against the can while rubbing the spoon back and forth to create a groove followed by a hole. From this hole, use the spoon edge to slowly cut down all the way to the lid. Once the lid is sufficiently weakened, pry it open.

3. Use A Pair of Scissors

As Aaron Linsdau shows in the video above, you can make a hole in the lid using a pair of clean scissors or cooking shears. You use the tip of the blade for puncturing the hole.

Once the rim of the lid is removed, continue cutting around it until it can be removed with ease.

4. Open A Can By Using A Concrete Or A Rock

You may want to consider using the rock or concrete method if you’re camping or outdoors. There are no special tools required for this method, aside from a convenient slab of concrete (the curb can do), or a large rock.

Observe this method: flip your can upside down on the concrete or rock so that its lid is directly on the hard surface. Then press down with significant pressure on the lid so that it causes friction that will loosen the lid.

As you rotate and repeat, you’ll eventually notice that the lid is loose enough to pop off. Check the lid to see if the magic has started, then rotate again.

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How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener FAQs

1. What is the best way to open a can without a can opener?

If you have some time, we recommend wearing the edges of the lid down until it breaks, which is the easiest (and safest) way to open a can without a can opener. A metal spoon can be used to rub it.

2. How do you open a can without a can opener or silverware?

With the tip of the knife, pry the lid off after you have gone around the container all the way. When you don’t have a can opener (or a spoon), a chef’s knife is one of your best options. By using the knife’s bottom edge-the part closest to the handle-puncture a hole in the can.

3. Can I open the can with a knife?

A thin enough lid should be pierced and pried off of the can. Pocket knives, small knives, spoons, butter knives and other similar tools can be used. Often, the lid becomes so thin that it can even be squeezed with both your hands and the lid pops right out.

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