How To Peel Tomatoes – 3 Easy Techniques

Tomato season is here! Use tomatoes to their fullest potential by peeling them. They’re perfect for canning and cooking projects of all kinds.

You’ll realize that the rewards are well worth the effort when you taste the sauces and soups you make with tomato peeled tomatoes. Sauces are smoother and taste sweeter when the peel is removed.

How To Peel Tomatoes – 3 Easy Techniques to peel Tomatoes

If you remove the peel from tomatoes, you will have a smooth, sweeter sauce. Follow these steps to see how easy it is to peel tomatoes. (These methods require a little effort, but the reward is well worth it.

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1. Boiling Water Method

1. The tomato should be cleaned thoroughly after removing all stickers.

2. You can make peeling the tomato easier by removing the stem and cutting a shallow X at the bottom.

Optional: Cooks sometimes use a sharp paring knife to cut the stem end off.

3. Make a large bowl of ice water and place it on a table. Boil some water in a pot and carefully add to the boiling water. You can add one tomato at a time. Put them into the bowl of ice water after they have been in there for 30 seconds or when the skin has begun to peel back.

4. The tomatoes should still appear very firm after removing them from the ice bath, and the skin should be wrinkled and fallen off.

5. If you remove the tomatoes from the ice bath, you should see wrinkled skin on them.

6. The skins should come off easily with your fingers.

7. The parts of the skin that refuse to move can be removed with a small paring knife, taking care not to squeeze the tomato.

2. Gas Flame Method

A fork and gas burner are required to peel tomatoes using a gas flame. It is the easiest way to peel tomatoes, and you will achieve the best results.

Fork spearing tomato on cutting board with fork speared by slice of fork. Remove any leftover stems from the tomatoes. Rinse the tomatoes thoroughly. Pat the tomatoes dry with paper towels. Spear the tomato with fork near the stem core.

The skin will start to blister and split, about 15 to 25 seconds after placing the tomato on the stovetop. Hold the tomato an inch from the flame and turn it slowly, hoping the crust will begin to separate.

If you hold the tomato over the flame for too long, it will start to cook. Transfer the tomato to a smooth surface. Let it cool just enough that you can hold it comfortably.

Remove the skin from the center, and go around the tomato until all of it has been removed.

On a cutting board, fingers remove the skin of a tomato. Throw away the skin and continue cooking.

3. Knife Method

Despite being the least favorite method for peeling tomatoes, it is the only method that does not involve heating them. You can still end up discarding some tomato flesh regardless of how good you are at using a knife.

This is included so you have the options. Wash and dry the tomatoes. Slice them into large wedges and arrange them on a cutting board with the tomato halves and quarters.

To keep the tomato wedge stable, press its seed side firmly into the cutting board, while the skin side is facing up. Work with one tomato wedge at a time.

As you slice off the skin with the knife, try not to sever the tomato flesh when cutting. Keep the knife close to the skin so that you are only cutting off the skin and not the tomato flesh.

Discard the skin and proceed with your recipe after removing the pulp and seeds from the skin of the quarter. By cutting from one tip of the tomato wedge to the next, remove the entire skin. Once all the pulp and seeds have been removed from the quarter, discard the skin.

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Tips and Tricks

You can mark a small X on the bottom of the tomato, it will work, but I find that larger X’s work just as well. Wash the tomatoes thoroughly (if you are using garden fresh tomatoes) before starting.

A gentle simmer will do. We’re not trying to cook the tomatoes, just remove the skins. No need to boil the tomatoes hard, like a cauldron.

Use a large slotted spoon or your kitchen spider to dip the tomatoes in the ice water.

FAQ’s – How To Peel Tomatoes

1. What Kind of Tomatoes Can I Use for Peeling and Seeding?

When canning tomatoes or peeling tomatoes for a recipe, I use this technique. I use it whenever I’m preparing a recipe.

2. How Do I Peel and Seed Tomatoes in the Microwave?

When the tomato is cool enough to handle, slice the bottom and microwave on high for 25 seconds. When the tomato is cool enough to handle, place it in an ice bath and remove the skin. You will need to remove the seeds after following the directions above.

3. How Do I Remove the Core of a Tomato?

The method for core a tomato is described in the post, (How to Core a Tomato), and it involves using the tip of a small knife and cutting down into the tomato from the inside out.

4. Can I Just Remove the Peel with a Knife?

You can. If you need to peel and seed three or more tomatoes, I recommend steaming them for 30 minutes. If you need to peel fewer than three tomatoes, cutting their skin with a very sharp knife is an easier option.

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