How To Pit Cherries – 4 Ways To Pit Cherries

The process of pitting a cherry can certainly be an ordeal when you are in the middle of preparing a tasty cherry recipe. Or perhaps you are feeding the little ones a snack of fresh cherries while you prepare the recipe!

Now, you can rest assured that you can pit cherries with a paperclip, chopsticks, and bottles, so that you will never have to worry about damaging them. You can also use a cherry pitter to effortlessly pop out the pit every time.

It is our hope that you end up creating tasty recipes from fresh Stemilt cherries wherever you pit them this summer, regardless of which method you use to do so!

How To Pit Cherries – 4 Ways To Pit Cherries

Several cherries pitting methods exist, so it can be challenging to figure out which one works. In the recipe below, we show you the four different (and proven!) methods for pitting cherries step-by-step.

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How to Pit Cherries With a Cherry Pitter

If you bite into the hardest part of a cherry, you’ll feel the pain of a serious toothache just before you call your dentist. And this is when it’s time to have that beautiful cherry pie or cobbler made.

If you are using a cherry pitter (like this top-rated OXO model), you can easily remove the pit by placing the cherry inside and squeezing the handle. There are devices that can pit a large number of cherries at one time, so you can work with large quantities of cherries at once (this device can pit 25 pounds of cherries in just one hour).

The cherry can be pitted with a sharp paring knife if you do not have a cherry pitter. Then, twist the cherry halves opposite directions to separate them.

When the pit of the cherry comes out from one half, it will probably pull right off, but you’ll still have to scrape it out of the other half with the point of the knife.

You’ll then have two halves which would be fine for most recipes, but how do you get whole pitted cherries? The following methods can be used:

Method #1: Pitting a Cherry with a Paperclip

Here is a simple method of pitting a cherry, without needing any fancy gadgets.

  • First, search for a large metal paperclip, then gently open it upward by pulling out the clip portion.
  • Moreover, if your cherries are large, pull one end of the paper clip slightly in order to make your paperclip scoop wider.
  • After removing the stem of the cherry, puncture your paperclip into the stem bowl of the cherry.
  • Once you’ve located the pit, move the paperclip in a circular motion around the cherry to release it.
  • Pop the cherry out, and you’ve got a pitted cherry.

Note: Wear gloves to prevent your hands from spotting! This isn’t the safest or fastest method for pitting cherries.

Method #2 : Pitting a Cherry With a Chopstick

The Chinese style that has a broader tip compared with the Japanese ones is the easiest manner of removing cherry pits. You can find them with a broader tip in Chinese grocery stores and Asian markets.

In addition to your regular chopsticks, you may also use wooden dowels, thick skewers, or metal straws. Start by holding the cherry at a 90-degree angle.

Take the chopstick and push it upward from the cherry’s top until it reaches the cherry pit at the bottom.

Method #3 : Pitting a Cherry With a Knife

You will have perfectly round whole cherries (perfect for pickled cherries) if you use this method, and even compact cherries (tight around the pit or not very ripe) will look magnificent.

The cherry pit can be easily removed by gently pressing the cherry on a cutting board with the side of a paring knife until the cherry gives way a little.

Don’t press too hard or crush the cherry. Make a transverse cut along the length of the cherry from top to bottom. Pull gently along the lines to expose the pit, and then remove it with your fingers.

Method #4 : Pitting a Cherry By Hands

It is one of the simplest methods but should be used only if you are not worried about the aesthetics of the pitted cherries (for example, if you are using the cherries to make our chilled cherry soup).

Take the cherry and extract the pit by ripping it in two with both hands and letting it dry. This only works with very ripe fruits.

FAQ’s – How To Pit Cherries

1. Do you have to pit cherries before cooking?

Sadly, cherry pits are quite hard and can cause severe tooth damage if you eat them. They contain cyanide, which is lethal in certain doses. Also, if you cook (and eat) strawberries, you should remove their pits as well.

However, consider not overreacting if you unintentionally swallow a cherry pit whole. In fact, small quantities of whole cherry pits generally don’t cause harm. However, make sure to pit them properly!

2. How do you pit cherries without a tool?

There are several tools you can use to push out the pits, such as chopsticks, pastry tips, metal straws, wire paper clips, and skewers. As long as the tool is sturdy and measures approximately 14 inches thick, it will work.

3. What is the best way to pit cherries?

Take the cherry and place it on top of a glass then push a chopstick down until the pit comes out. As an alternative to using a cherry pitter, you could also use a bottle with the indented side facing up.

4. How long do pitted cherries last?

For up to 6 months, store in an airtight bag in a single layer in the refrigerator or store in an airtight container in the freezer. When stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator, it will last about five days.

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