What Can I Substitute For Honey In A Recipe

What Can I Substitute for Honey in A Recipe: Finding great substitutes for honey can be a challenge. The experts have shared what you can use instead of honey in your favourite recipes, and what substitutes they recommend.


Nature has created Bee to make honey from the nectar found in flowers. For as long as we can remember, honey has been well known for its health benefits and nutrients. It has been used as a sweetener and medicine for thousands of years. Despite only containing trace amounts of minerals, it is high in antioxidants and its antiseptic properties help it to fight bacteria.

Various color grades of honey are available in raw and pasteurized versions. The average amount of sugar in it is 80%. Honey may also contain traces of

  • Yeast
  • Wax
  • Pollen

The reason for this may be because people remove honey from the hive directly and then, store it in a container immediately.

7 Best Substitute For Honey

If you don’t have honey at home, the following are a few alternatives for honey in a recipe:

1. Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is by far the easiest and simplest alternative.

In many instances, such as baking, cooking, and so on, brown sugar can substitute for honey in its raw natural state. For recipes that require no cooking, raw brown sugar may not perform as well as cooked brown sugar.

Don’t worry, we know exactly what you can do to make brown sugar work as a honey alternative. The recipe below is for a substitute for honey that requires just two ingredients and two steps.

Mix up the two main ingredients I.e brown sugar and water in a nonstick saucepan and continue heating until the sugar dissolves.

The brown sugar should dissolve in two minutes if you simmer it on low heat

Let it cool off after taking it off the heat.

In terms of sweetness, color, and consistency, this recipe is the perfect substitute for honey. Nevertheless, honey has a flavour that might be difficult to match with brown sugar due to its strength and rawness. However, it is delicious.

In addition to being able to be stored in your refrigerator, this recipe is easy to prepare and use.

You also won’t need to reduce the recipe when you only need one or two tablespoons of honey.

2. Coconut Nectar

Coconut nectar is another delicious honey substitute with a unique flavor and neutral sweetness. As it is taken from sap from the coconut tree, coconut nectar is full of B vitamins and C minerals and amino acids 17, including vitamin A.

Diabetics should use it because it’s safer and better for their blood sugar levels than artificial sweeteners.

3. Molasses

As its name implies, molasses is a sugar beet, cane, or sugar beet juice concentrate. Boiling and reducing this juice results in molasses, a dark brown syrup. Refined sugar is made from this ingredient, whether white or brown.

Its sweet taste is due to its fruit-based origin, which makes it a great substitute for honey. A unique characteristic of molasses is that it tastes like caramel. As a result, the taste of your dish may seem distinct. Nevertheless, if you want honey because of its dark appearance, then this is a wise option. Furthermore, molasses is darker, higher in viscosity, and more opaque than honey.

4. Maple Syrup

During the evaporation of the sap from sugar maple trees, this liquid becomes very sweet and thick. It has a caramel-like taste and smoky undertones. It is rendered in recipes that require these characteristics.

You can easily use it as a honey alternative.

5. Agave Plant

Agave nectar is made from the heated and filtered sap of an agave plant’s pina, or core. Various nectars are made by manufacturers; the lighter nectar requires less heat and less filtration, while the darker nectar requires the opposite.

Most grocery and natural food stores carry agave nectar, and you can buy it online as well. My personal favorite brand comes from Amazon, and I get it there. For desserts like avocado chocolate mousse or peaches and cream popsicles, I use it as a sugar substitute.

6. Barley Malt Syrup

A great substitute for honey, barley malt syrup is most often used to replace molasses. Since ancient times, this natural syrup has been made from sprouted and soaked barley. In cooking, it can be used part-for-part.

7. Brown Rice Syrup

Even though brown rice syrup is stickier than honey, it can be used as a honey substitute in coffee and tea, especially if you add it to sweeten your beverage. The taste of this tea is mild, so you might prefer to add a bit more or just enjoy the subtle flavour. Definitely worth checking out.

Looking For a Substitute Because You Think Your Honey’s Gone Bad?

One of the only foods that scientists have discovered to never spoil is honey. It’s normal for honey to look cloudy or thicker than it should, as a result of the sugars crystallizing. The sugar will dissolve back into the honey if you remove the lid, place it in water, and heat it over very low heat until the lid is removed once more.

Make sure you transfer your honey into a heat-safe container before reheating it on the stove, especially if it is in a plastic container.

While honey does not go bad, if there’s too much water in it, it can ferment. You’ll know your honey is fermented if there are many bubbles on its surface, a bulging lid, or a change in taste. You can safely continue to consume it as long as you don’t mind the alcohol content, but you cannot keep it stored in a glass jar.

As the pressure builds up, the jar will eventually explode due to the carbon dioxide. To make sure you aren’t worried about your safety or end up cleaning up a large, sticky mess, be sure to keep your honey in a plastic container.

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